Elk photo safari

We arrange Elk photography safaris in Toosikannu animal park located in Central Estonia. The animal park is 1000 hectares wide and surrounded by a fence. The park is mainly covered with forests but also has several meadows. While driving on small forest trails, it is possible to spot and photograph Elk, Roe Deer and Red Deer. The safaris take place during the early hours, when the sun is rising and during the evening hours when the sun is already setting.

Duration: 1,5-2 hours

Price: 150€ in total for a group of 1-4 persons and 25€ per person for bigger groups.

Take a peek:


Book the tour:  info@natourest.ee or by phone: +372 5622 5943

EU Leader Virumaa Koostöökogu (VIKO) supported Natourest Inc for buying nature observation optics and trail cameras.