Lynx and Bear tour- scheduled, 8 days (2-9.10.2021)

This autumn tour has 3 big target species – Eurasian Lynx, Brown Bear, and Grey Wolf. The main focus is on the lynx, who is also the most secretive of the three species. During different periods, Estonia has been the country with the highest population density and the local individuals are one of the largest in the world. Its’ main prey – Roe Deer, is doing better year after and so is the local lynx population. Right now, an estimate of about 500 Eurasian Lynx inhabit the forests of Estonia and one of the best areas to spot them is Lahemaa National Park, which is also Estonia’s oldest NP. About a dozen trail cameras give us information about their movements and other technological solutions, such as thermal cameras and LED-lamps help to locate them during dark times. Thus, 4-5 evenings looking for the lynx give us a high probability of seeing one. It must be noted, that looking for lynx means quite a lot of driving around in the dark. Besides a healthy lynx population, there are about 750-800 Brown Bears and 200 Grey Wolves. Although the 3 big predators are the main targets of this tour, we’ll have good chances of spotting Raccoon Dogs, Elk, Red Fox, and Red Squirrel. We’ll also visit a Brown Bear hide in Alutaguse forests, which has the highest density of Brown Bears in Estonia. In autumn bears are trying to fatten up for the forthcoming winter hibernation and actively roaming around the forests searching for food. We’ll not only overnight in the watching hide, but also look for tracks and traces of bear activity before during the daytime. From the hide, we’ll most probably see also Raccoon Dogs, who similarly to bears are opportunistic omnivores and actively look for food through most of the day. Wolf cubs are becoming more and more independent and quiet autumn nights are the best time to hear them howl together with the pack. Daytime will be spent by resting or doing birdwatching trips. Although birds are not a real target for this tour, our guides will definitely keep their ears and eyes open for owls, wild grouse, woodpeckers, and other forest birds. 

Eurasian Lynx


Target species: Eurasian Lynx, Brown Bear, Grey Wolf 

Other highlights: Elk, Red Fox, Roe Deer, Raccoon Dog, Red Squirrel

Birds: Ural and Pygmy Owl, Three-toed and White-backed Woodpecker, Black and Hazel Grouse, Western Capercaillie





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Day 1 Arrival and transfer to Lahemaa NP

The group will be picked up from Tallinn Airport and driven to Lahemaa NP, where we will overnight for the rest of the tour (except the night in the Brown Bear hide). During the first evening, the local Lynx tracker will make an overview of the Lynx situation and how we will look for it in the following days. We won’t waste any time and go looking for lynx on the forest roads and opening. Night in Lahemaa NP. 

Day 2 Night in the Brown Bear hide. 

From Lahemaa we will drive for 1 day to Alutaguse area, where we first look for tracks and activity traces of Brown Bears. In the afternoon we’ll enter the Brown Bear hide with the high hopes of spotting one of Europe’s most impressive mammals. From the hide, we have chances of spotting also other mammals, such as Raccoon Dogs, Red Fox, Red Squirrel, Roe Deer, Wild Boar, and Elk. The hide is equipped with bunk beds, sleeping bags, pillows, and speakers that transmit the live soundscape of an autumn forest, captured by a high-end microphone next to the hide.  Night in the Brown Bear hide.

Day 3 Morning in Alutaguse and back to Lahemaa NP.

After leaving the hide, we’ll drive through the forests back to 2 around in the forests near the hide with the hopes of spotting Elk, Western Capercaillie, Black Grouse, and Hazel Grouse. If the evening is windless, the tour takes us to the forests of Kõrvemaa, where we hope to hear wolf pack by howling. Otherwise, our main target of the evening will again be lynx. Night in Lahemaa NP

Day 4-7 Lahemaa NP.

The routine of the three last days will be quite the same –  we rest during the day or make short birdwatching trips and during the evening and early morning, we’ll go and look for the elusive Lynx again. As we concentrate on the Lynx, the most important time will be early mornings, late evenings, and the night. So depending on our level of tiredness and our success, we might use the daytime for resting.  Nights in Lahemaa NP. 

Day 8 Departure

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Group size up to 6 persons


 1980€ per person, single supplement 170€

Price includes:

  • Nature guide services for 8 days
  • 7 nights in local hotels and guesthouses (twin rooms with toilet and shower)
  • Night in the Brown Bear hide
  • local transport
  • 4 evenings with a lynx tracking specialist
  • breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day (one meal per day is served as a picnic package)

Book a tour with us: or by phone: +372 5622 5943

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