Wildlife photography tour in spring – 8 days

 Wildlife Photography Tour

In May spring is gaining strength and gives various possibilities to realize your photographic creativity on this wildlife photography tour. Black grouse lek will end in the middle of May, so to get your shots you must plan your stay in the end of April- early May. There is a tent-hide available for black grouse that is located on the bog landscape, good distance and perfect background during sunrise.

You can photograph Brown Bears well from the hide already in the beginning of May. But as the summer approaches daylight time gets longer. So from mid-May brown bear photography has excellent conditions. You can stay in two different hides depending on your wishes and expectations for the conveniences.

or a bonus there is high chance to photograph raccoon dogs fighting, wild boar, fox and passerines. Early lunch tour for hazel grouse with a local guide. Evening tours for owls and other wildlife. During the first half of the May there is still good time to see the massive bird migration, birds of prey settling in and nesting birds active behavior.

Spring landscapes offer an high concentration of flora and bug life to usefully exploit the harshest light of the day. If you are ready to get up early and stay up late you can take advantage of several landscape photography locations preselected by a local expert and away from common tourist routes.

Beside great photos you will get personal tuition from professional nature photographer if needed. All skill levels and areas of photography interest are welcome.


  • Spring bird migration

  • Raptors, buzzards

  • Woodpeckers (up to 8 species)

  • Black grouse, hazel grouse and capercaillie

  • Ural owl

  • Beaver

  • Ruff breeding plumage*

  • Brown bear

  • Wild boar

  • Raccoon dog

  • Roe deer

  • Elk

  • Raised bog landscapes

  • Spring vegetation, landscapes and buglife


Book a tour with us: info@natourest.ee or by phone: +372 5622 5943


Day 1:

Spring Bird migration, eagles, raptors and woodpeckers in Noarootsi and Leidisoo Ramsar area. Good chance to see elk and roe deer. Matsalu National Park, bird migration, woodpeckers, eagles, ruff.

Day 2 :

Bird photography hide 4 hours. Local forest and meadows for birds. Boat trip at Kassari river- birds and beaver.

Day 3:

Drive to Lahemaa National Park, Põhja- Kõrvemaa landscape nature reserve, Lahemaa rivers and waterfalls, woodpeckers, common kingfisher, local culture and architecture. Late night- very early morning drive to black grouse hide.

Day 4:

Leaving black grouse hide at 11am. Hazel grouse tour with local guide, evening for owls and raptors.

Day 5:

Sunrise landscapes. Ontika limestone cliff and North-Estonian coastline. Small forest roads around bear-hide. 5pm to the bear-hide.

Day 6:

Leaving the bear hide at 8am. Driving around local forest roads- wildlife and birds. Visit to Vasknarava, Narva river and Poruni nature reserve. Raptors, eagles, common kingfisher, woodpeckers, taiga forest, local culture and architecture. Back to the bear hide (or alternative hide) in the evening.

Day 7:

Leaving the bear hide at 8 am. Endla or Lahemaa nature reserve, Landscape, birds, macrophotography. Sunset and low light photography.

Day 8:

Drive to Tallinn, some stops by the rivers and coast, tour in Tallinn- Medieval old town, newer areas and Kopli. Visit to Pirita or TV tower (optional) for Tallinn panorama.


Book a tour with us: info@natourest.ee or by phone: +372 5622 5943




Book a tour with us: info@natourest.ee or by phone: +372 5622 5943


Spring photo tour price with the guide is 2000 eur, minimal group size is 2 people.
Price includes:
  • 8 days photoguide service
  • local transport 8 days
  • 7 x breakfast, 7x lunch package to go and 7x dinner
  • 5 nights in hotel and guesthouses in double room with toilet and shower
  • 2 nights in brown bear hide
  • morning-day in bird photography hide near Baltic sea
  • boat tour in Kasari river in Matsalu NP for beaver and bird photography
  • early morning in black grouse hide
  • hazel grouse photo safari with local specialist


Book a tour with us: info@natourest.ee or by phone: +372 5622 5943

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